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59 Buckley Street, Cockburn Central, WA, 6164

2 Day Course

Elevated Work Platform
2 Day Course

Working at Heights
1 Day Course

Wednesday 13th December

Friday 15th December (1 day)Monday 15th January 
Tuesday 19th December (1 day) Thursday 11th January Monday 22nd January
Tuesday 9th January Friday 19th January (1 day exp) Friday 2nd February
Tuesday 16th January Tuesday 23rd January (1 day)Monday 5th February
Wednesday 24th January Thursday 1st FebruaryMonday 12th February
Tuesday 30th January Wednesday 14th FebruaryFriday 23rd February
Monday 12th FebruaryMonday 26th February (1 day)Monday 26th February

Working At Heights &
Confined Space
1 Day Course

Confined Space
1 Day Course

Working At Heights Refresher
(Must Have Current Ticket Code)

Monday 15th January 

Friday 15th December - 12:30pmMonday 18th December - 2.00pm
Monday 22nd January Friday 12th January - 12:30pmFriday 12th January - 2.00pm
Friday 2nd FebruaryMonday 15th January - 12:30pmMonday 15th January - 2.00pm
Monday 5th FebruaryMonday 22nd January - 12:30pm Monday 22nd January - 2.00pm
Monday 26th FebruaryThursday 25th January Monday 29th January - 2.00
Monday 12th March Monday 5th February Monday 5th January - 2.00

4 Day Course

Basic Rigging
4 Day Course

Intermediate Rigging
3 Day Course

Monday 18th December

Monday 18th December 

Monday 12th March 
Monday 15th January Monday 22nd January
Monday 29th January  Monday 5th February
Tuesday 6th FebruaryMonday 19th February

Tuesday 13th FebruaryTuesday 6th March
Tuesday 27th February Friday 23rd March

 Tuesday 6th March

CN Crane Course (Non-slewing)
4 Day Course

CV Cranes (On request) 
4 Day Course


Loader, IT, Skid Steer, Excavator, Roller

Monday 18th December

Tuesday 27th February

Courses Daily

Tuesday 16th January

Phone for available dates

Tuesday 20th February

(08) 9417 9444

C2 - Slewing mobile
up to 20t (Includes CV & CN)

Basic Scaffolding (5 days)

Tuesday 6th February

Monday 29th January

**Gas Test**
On request

***Students must be 18 years or over and read and write to a basic level***

Dates are subject to change without notice
Excavator, Backhoe, Skid Steer, Loader,Telescopic Handler & Roller run daily
Slewing Mobile Cranes up to open (CO) & Intermediate Advanced Rigging and First Aid conducted on request
All VOC’s on request